Why Pure Photography?

We pride ourselves in great customer service. We want you to be 100% thrilled with your photographic experience with Debbie or Tammy, your sales session and especially your finished portraits. Our hope is that, at the end of your Pure Photography experience, we have become your family photographer.

When you hire Debbie or Tammy to photograph your family, you are making an investment for a portrait that will be handed down through generations. When you enter Debbie’s home, you will see on her walls beautiful black and white pictures of generation after generation. Had these been digital images, they might have stayed in a folder on someone’s computer. Thankfully, someone had the wisdom to print them, frame them and hang them on the walls of their home, teach their children their names and pass them on down through the family. Please value your portraits. You have hired usĀ as professional photographers to give you portraits of a marked time in your lives. We are honored to be chosen.