Scheduling a session

Bookings are by appointment only. I recommend calling at least two weeks in advance and earlier prior to holidays. During the booking, we will discuss photo location, time, recommended clothing and who will be in the portrait. You will be asked to either mail in your session fee or give us a credit card over the phone and this will hold your date. Session fees are non-refundable. In case of inclement weather or unforeseen illness on either the client or myself, we will reschedule your session as soon as possible.

I never schedule more than two sessions a day. Your session will not be rushed or “on the clock.” We will do whatever groupings you would like and you may change clothes, if you are interested.

Abilene weather is crazy! The wind does blow and it blows hard some days! I will photograph your session unless the wind blows to over 20 mph and then we must reschedule. I have folks ask me if I photograph in the heat (100+) or in the cold (below freezing) and the answer is “yes!” Only wind and rain play havoc with our sessions. Otherwise, we call it Texas and off we go!

Length of sessions

Each session lasts from one to two hours depending on ages and number of people in the portrait. If small children are being photographed, I assure you the session will be quicker so they will have a great experience and look forward to being photographed again and again.