What to wear

We recommend to anyone having a portrait session, to consider wearing solid colors. Always avoid stripes, plaids or strong patterns as it takes away from the subject and draws attention to the attire. If you are the only person in the picture, then any color will do. But, stop and think what you have on when people say “you look so good in that color!” Then, you might want to consider wearing something in that shade. If it is a group having their portrait made, then staying with solid colors is even more important. However, there are two “rules of thumbs”…1) if anyone wears white, then everyone should wear white or else the person wearing white will be who you will see stand out in the picture. 2) the same goes for wearing red. Some families like to plan on wearing the same colors. For example, black shirts and denim jeans. However, we suggest that you stay with those colors, but let each person show their own personality by wearing those colors but in different styles. Perhaps a woman might wear a denim jumper with a black shirt and another woman might wear a denim shirt with black pants. One child wears black while another child wears all denim. It’s fun to mix it up and yet be coordinated as a family!

Women should consider their makeup when being photographed. Even if you wear little makeup day to day, it can make all the difference in your portraits. Perhaps a visit to a local makeup counter (for example, Estee Lauder or Clinique) would be helpful for the specialist to look at your skin tone and help you with a foundation and lipstick. PLEASE no lip gloss!

We are always open to discussing clothing issues with you before your session. Just call and we’ll discuss it and you’ll have time to plan your wardrobe. Most important … be comfortable and relaxed and feel natural in what you are wearing and it will show in the faces of those being photographed.