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  • Welcome to Pure Photography! I am so happy that your search has taken you to my "home." I hope you can tell that I love photographing families, children and high school seniors! I also hope you can see that this is not my hobby. I work very hard to give you professional portraits to hang on the walls of your own home and the best customer service you can find!

    My most asked question is, "How long have you been doing photography?" I started working for the best portrait photographer in central Texas in 1998. I basically ran her business. I did everything BUT get behind a camera. But, I learned what she did to make these beautiful images. Natural light, composition, clothing and personal consultations and then also being educated in the most up-to-date information in the industry. My husband and I moved to Abilene, TX with an empty nest in the summer of 2003 and soon after, there was no "leap of faith." But, a complete faith in what God was leading me to do with my time and energy.

    The name of my business is "Pure Photography," and my goal is to present you with beautiful, natural portraits that will give you great joy every time you look at them. And, when you get your portraits on the wall, we hope that is not the end of our journey, but the beginning of a wonderful relationship with your family for years to come.

Jaci, Senior 2014 | Abilene, TX Senior Photographer


I go to Abilene High School.

My favorite class in high school has been art.

After graduation, I plan to attend ACU and major in Graphic Design/Advertising.

My favorite movie is Mary Poppins.

Favorite dish my mom makes is chocolate chip cookies.

Favorite app on my iPhone is Pinterest.

The three things that are important to me are my church family, my sisters and my parents.

I am the happiest when I’m watching movies with my family.





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The Story of Gus (aka Irish), Part One | Abilene, TX Pet Photographer

Many of you know and love Gus (aka Irish), our beautiful, sweet, gentle spirit rescue dog.  Today is the one year anniversary of his rescue from deep in the valley of South Texas.  I asked his foster mom with Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin to write out his story.  Following the story, view the pictures of the day he was delivered from the kill shelter and taken to Austin to the vet and then three from today.  The very last picture says it all.

Here is the story as told by Becky, his foster mom.

“Gus was found as a stray (or at least that’s what we are told that sometimes people drop off their dogs and say that) down in Hidalgo County.  He had thousands of fleas, you could visibly see them all over him and they were jumping on my arms and legs.  He had ehrlichia (a type of Lyme disease from ticks) and heartworms and had very poor nutrition.  The vet guessed he had been given scraps and not actual dog food.  She said she had NEVER seen such a flea infestation and because of his condition, he was in a high kill shelter that was going to put him down and wouldn’t treat him for his ehrlichia.

He was picked up on Sunday to avoid euthanasia and there was only one vet in Austin or San Antonio that would do a Sunday intake and he needed vet care immediately.  Rachel, a volunteer from Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin, drove him to San Marcos and we met her there.  He was filthy and matted and his ears were infected and it looked like a flea circus on his back, but as soon as we got in the car his tail started wagging.

We took him to the vet in Austin and they decided to shave him down and treat him for fleas immediately.  They said he would need a ten day quarantine.  You don’t get that many fleas overnight.  He had been living with fleas for quite a long time and it had attacked him immune system.  I’ve actually seen dogs die after long term flea infestation like this.  They just get weaker and weaker.  The vet was really worried about his immune system, but he was a strong guy.

I went by a few days later to check on him and they had him up under the receptionist desk on the loose.  They said he was so sweet they could not bear to put him in the kennel where he would cry for attention.  At night, they locked all the other dogs up and then put him in the area outside the cages with the door closed.

After a week, they said he was doing great and could go home.  I had stopped fostering because my mom was ill, but there was nowhere for him to go so we decided to pick him up.  We also decided he needed a little time to adjust before going to adoptions.

His rescue name was Irish, because he was picked up from the kill shelter on St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish wanted to follow my husband everywhere. He laid under his desk all day long.  He wasn’t housebroken.  Most likely had been kept in someone’s backyard, but he learned very quickly and minded well.  He slept in his kennel without complaint, but when we would leave home, he would howl.  He just wanted to be loved, so we wanted to find a home with someone who was home during the day and not gone all day to an office.

He was just one of those dogs that we rescued from the high kill shelter at the 11th hour.  And, without a vet willing to take him on Sunday, there would have been nowhere for him to go.  It was dire.”

His picture was posted on the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin’s Facebook page and that is where his new forever family found him.  That story will be posted in April on the anniversary of his going to his new family in Abilene.



And today….





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We Shoot, We Score! | Abilene, TX Portrait Photographer

This was such an exciting weekend for Pure Photography and I just want to share my good news with my friends, family and clients!  Some of you may know that I enter prints in the Texas PPA (Professional Photographers Association) Print Competition every June in Kerrville.  This is the beginning of the print competition “season.”  Judges are brought in from all over the country.  If you score 80 or above, that print can be submitted for judging at the Southwest (8 states) PPA Print Competition in Arlington, TX in March.  Again, judges are brought in from all over and they are tough in their critiques and only allow scores of 80 or above to exceptional prints. (I’m typically quite nauseous while observing this judging.)  If a print scores 80 or above, then it receives a “seal” and goes on to PPA International Print Competition the following June. There, they are judged yet again and could be accepted into either the General Collection (where it will be displayed in the annual PPA Imaging USA national convention attended by thousands of professional photographers) or the distinguished Loan Collection. (which is displayed at Imaging USA also.)  I’ve been fortunate and humbled to have had eight prints be accepted into the General Collection thru the years.  The Loan print is still a personal goal for me and maybe…just maybe this might be my year!  This weekend, two of my prints were “sealed” at the SWPPA convention.  One titled, “How Quickly Go The Days” is from a wonderful family session and it scored an 81 and will now travel on to IPC this summer.  But, my big news is that my print, “Grace” scored a 96!  I’ve never scored higher than an 88 at SWPPA where the judging can be quite brutal. I didn’t attend the print competition this year since it fell during our Spring Break.  But, sweet friends were texting me what was going on.  I was told that one judge even scored it a 100 (you have NO idea what a big deal that is…even to be considered for a 100 score is beyond my comprehension!) and there was much discussion, but it landed on 96!  Both prints will now move on to Atlanta this summer and maybe, just maybe that elusive Loan Collection Print will finally be mine.  Let me mention that “Grace” was a lovely session that a mother set up who wanted beautiful images of her daughter during her ballet years.  I never know when I photograph a session if there will be one that might just jump out to me as a possible competition print.  I do want to say that my work philosophy is to take beautiful images at each session and that my clients are in love with their portraits.  If I happen to get an image that might compete, that is so great and fun.  If not, making you all happy is better than all the Loan prints in the world!





“How Quickly Go The Days”





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Nancy and Family | Abilene, TX Family Photographer

I had so much fun with this sweet family.  It was bitter cold for their photo session and yet, that made it perfect to snuggle together to stay warm which equals great family pictures for me anyway!  This is a great family and today, they have such beautiful framed portraits in their home.




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Phil, Jamie and Family | Abilene, TX Family Photographer

It’s always an honor to be called on to photograph Abilene Christian University’s president and his family for their Christmas card.  But, to be requested by this sweet family is even more an honor.  I’ve been photographing them since before Phil was “Dr. Schubert” and the youngest was just a very little girl.  I love my job.



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Caden and Zoe | Abilene, TX Children’s Photography

Sweet kids + fall scenery + bright colorful clothes = fabulous photo session!  Miss Debbie loves these kids because I have photographed them once a year since Caden was born!  We do have fun together!






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